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Initially set up in 2006 as a bespoke market intelligence service, we have since then evolved into a research based publishing business processing countless jobs per week for clients, analysing economic trends whilst incorporating our proprietary data to provide a unique perspective on the market.
We continue to work with many of the companies who saw the value of our data from the outset, and have built from that initial platform to provide multiple ways to deliver insight and value to keep our clients one step ahead.



Vacancysoft is the trusted provider of vacancy leads for
Lead Generation, Client Intelligence, and Market Analysis. We help recruiters to streamline business development, monitor client activity, and predict market growth. We deliver tailored vacancies through email alerts and provide access to the database with search and export functions.


What is Vacancysoft?

Vacancysoft is a subscription based service that gathers, processes and publishes vacancy data:
Gathers: Monitoring the careers centres of organizations and identifies new vacancies
Processes: Classifying new vacancies in accordance with our proprietary taxonomies
Publishes: New vacancies appear in daily alerts to clients, along with reports and analysis of recent trends.

How does the product add value to clients?

By making recruiters more productive, more aware
Account Management – account managing clients better, by being up to date on every new vacancy or major move happening.
Lead Generation – spending time on your business development more productively.
Candidate Management – being able to advise candidates of more opportunities, gives you a bigger chance of placing them.

What makes it different from other products?

Coverage – Due to our research based process anti-spidering systems are irrelevant to us, meaning unlike others we can guarantee to cover any site clients are interested in.
Data Relevance – All processed vacancies have been quality controlled, meaning you only get sent data that is relevant to you.
Market Analysis – Our extensive datasets enable us to aggregate data highlight key market trends, to help you with your awareness of wider trends.


What do we provide clients with?

Vacancy Alerts

Lead generation made simple. Only relevant vacancies from the last 24 hours in the inbox.


Vacancy Search

Fully searchable database with every job published available online.

Vacancy Analytics

Our data visualisation environment designed to help clients quickly and easily identify emerging hotspots by country, role and company.

Press Alerts

Weekly alerts informing clients what key contacts are doing – promotions, awards, M&A activity, etc. Exclusive bonus offered to our legal clients!


Vicarage House, 58-60 Kensington Church St, W8 4DB
  • +44 20 7193 6850


Ul. Gen. Zajączka 24/2, 
Vacancysoft LLP is a limited liability partnership. Registered in England and Wales. Partnership no. OC327354.